Afternoon Captures

Apr242014EasternTigerSwallowtailDrinkingA few captures from Yesterday afternoon. Hitting the road early this morning. Heading for a photography weekend at Cumberland Falls.












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Spring Morning Photos




















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Overcast Morning

Apr222014GardenSceneThe past three days have been busy. We have been starting our garden. This is one section with the equipment used to break the ground.

Apr222014OakBloomsNot having a lot of time to take pictures here are a few about the farm from this morning. I always enjoy the varied shapes of trees as they bud out and put on leaves and blooms.

LouisianaWaterthrushThe rain overnight had everything damp. The light was poor and I struggled to capture any of the birds I saw. This is a Louisiana Waterthrush. It was working around the pond catching insects. The bird did not sing so I did not get a chance to learn its song.

Apr222014CommonYellowThroatThis Common Yellow-Throat did sing for me as it worked its way around the pond. Finally stopping for a second in an opening. With the leaves back on the trees getting an open shot at the songbirds is more difficult.

Apr222014WhiteEyedVireoThis White Eyed Vireo did pop out of the brush about 15 feet away and give me a stare when I snapped its photo. A pair of Blue Grosbeaks were also working round the hayfield surrounding the pond. To far for any photos but I am glad to see them return. Looking forward to spotting the first Indigo Bunting of the year. More garden work today and preparing for a trip to Lake Cumberland and a weekend photo contest. The sun is coming out better get to work. Have a great day……

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Afternoon Delight

Apr212014FrogIt was an afternoon delight yesterday. There is something special about working in the soil. We planted nine 40-50 foot rows of Silver Queen sweet corn. That variety of corn is my favorite garden vegetable. In 93 days if all goes well we will have a harvest. Working together with the “Little Woman” in the garden is a pleasurable task. It offer so many days of simple observations to come.

Apr212014DogwoodBloomsWhile we were hoeing rows, spreading fertilizer in the troughs, then dropping the seed I could hear the first Wood Thrush of the spring. The Wood Thrush song is my garden time favorite. The thrush song so fascinating with warbles and trills to fascinate my ears. There is a small stretch of woods with a tiny wet weather stream that runs through it next to the corn patch. After planting I found a nice place to sit and become absorbed in the wood lot.

Apr212014DogwoodBloomThe leaves are not thick enough yet to block out all the sun. Dogwoods are scattered through out the area. I had my long lens on the camera so could not capture the white patches of blooms scattered about. The next best thing I thought was to take some close ups of the blooms. These shots displayed a few small insects working the blooms my naked eye could not see.

Apr212014DogwoodBloomWithHairstreakButterflyA small hairstreak butterfly was a surprise to find when I downloaded the photos on the computer. This is one reason it is so difficult for me to take the 400mm long lens off the camera. I get to see subjects and details I can not with my old eyes.

Apr212014TuftedTitmouseI saw the Wood Thrush in the upper canopy of the trees. To far away to photograph even with the long lens. I also saw an Orchard Oriole and Yellow Rumped Warblers feeding on insects high up in the tree tops. A Tufted Titmouse did land nearby. In the dim filtered light using a higher ISO setting to get enough light to the sensor the photo came out very nice. A different look and feel to this charming bird. The mostly gray coloration pleasing.

Apr212014WhiteEyedVireoOn my way back to the house I stopped by another creek and took this shot of a White Eyed Vireo. I liked the intent look as it peered through the branches looking for a meal.

Apr212014GreenHeronPerchedInTopOfTreePassing a pond I saw this Green Heron perched in top of a tree the branches did not look strong enough to hold the bird. Having hollow bones birds do not weigh as much as you would think they do.

Apr212014WaspWithFibersInMouthMy favorite shot of the afternoon was of this wasp. I saw it remaining on this dead stalk of last years horse weed. It was about 12 feet away and I snapped a shot thinking that no way would I get much detail but something told meĀ  to take the photo anyway. I never thought about capturing a wasp with anything in its mouth. Last year I was surprised when a macro of a wasp showed it with a bug in its mouth. This shot’s surprise was of the wasp with a mouth full of fibers from the dead stalk. Will it use it nest building? That was my afternoon delight. After doing garden work to take an hour and stop and appreciate the wonders of nature.

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Easter Morning Walk

Apr202014BagwormsEnjoyed a splendid Easter morning walk around the farm. I saw several bag worm clumps in the trees.

Apr202014BasketWebIt was also a spiderweb morning. One of those days when there is enough moisture that the rising sun sets the basket webs to shining.

Apr202014BasketWeb2I enjoy how the spiders build on whatever stick up is available.

Apr202014BasketWeb3I felt a kinship with the work the spiders do this morning. Yesterday was a work day for me. One in which I felt like doing. First putting a new radiator in the van. Then tilling our garden spots. Replacing a battery in the lawn mower and placing the old battery from the mower on the tiller. A couple walks also that provided me with the beauty of spring returning even if I had no captures with the camera.

Apr202014WhiteEyedVireoThe White Eyed Vireo’s are plentiful right now around the farm. Learning their cheery little call.

Apr202014PrarieWarblerI sat for a short while by our small pond. A Prairie Warbler stopped by and sang for me.

Apr202014PrarieWarblerFlyingI first thought it was a Yellow Warbler which are similar. The song the bird sang reminded me of a twitter that the Indigo Buntings sing. I have yet to see an Indigo Bunting this spring. Also missing are our Bluebirds. I think the harsh winter killed the Bluebirds. I have not seen them since the last Ice storm.

Apr202014CommonYellowThroatCloseUpIt was also a pleasant Easter surprise to see a Common Yellow-throat. These small masked birds nest around the pond each year.

Apr202014CommonYellowThroatI hope your Easter sunrise service was as pleasant as mine. May the rest of the day be spent with family and friends…….

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