Long Run Park Migrators

Mar222014BeforeSunriseSkyAndReflectionIt was another fantastic sky before sunrise at Long Run Park. There were a bunch of migrators that arrived at the lake overnight.

Mar222014BeforeSunriseBranchesA simple gorgeous dawn

Mar222014BlueWingedTealFlyingBlue Winged Teal

Mar222014HoodedMerganzersLandingHooded Mergaser’s landing female on left, male on right.

Mar222014HornedGrebeFemaleFemale Hooded Mergaser, wish the males had come close they are spectacular

Mar222014HornedGrebesTwo male Hooded Grebes in upper left.

Mar222014LesserScaupFlyingLesser Scaup

Mar222014LesserScaupHornedGrebesTwoDucksLandingLesser Scaup and grebes not sure of the two arriving

Mar222014PiedBilledGrebePied Billed Grebe

Mar222014RedNeckedGrebeCloseUpRed Necked Grebe

Mar222014RedNeckedGrebeSwimmingAtSunriseRed Necked Grebe at sunrise

Mar222014SunriseWithGeeseAndDucksA great way to start a weekend. May yours be as colorful…….

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2 Responses to Long Run Park Migrators

  1. I think I like the next to last shot best. The colors are fantastic and it looks like the grebe is loving it.

  2. Grampy says:

    New Hampshire Gardener,
    The colors were fantastic and stayed that way for about a half hour. I got a number of shots I liked but that one with the grebe was my favorite too.

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