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6 Responses to Dawn

  1. cheryl b. here/now says:

    Can’t decide which one I like best! Interesting symmetry wing position when looked at vertically; when top bird is up, bottom bird is down. I understand horizontal drafting but maybe the same is true vertically when airborne? Anyway, nice way to start a day…

    • Grampy says:

      cheryl b. here/now,
      The lake surface was as glass like as could be. If the light had been better this would have been an incredible shot I think. The bubbles are another oddity in this shot. I don’t know what might have created them. For the bubbles to be in focus they must have been the same distance away from me as the ducks. The underside symmetry is very interesting. Thanks for stopping by…

  2. Mary S. says:

    Grampy, “Ditto” to New Hampshire Gardener’s comment. MCS

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