First Day Of Spring At Long Run Park

Mar192014RedNeckedGrebeThe first day of spring at Long Run Park outside Louisville, Kentucky. One unusual species is at the park. Red Necked Grebes who’s normal range is far to the north. A couple species of birds that migrate back in the spring were observed today. Wood Ducks and Purple Martins were the returning birds.

Mar192014RedNeckedGrebe1Red Necked Grebe

Mar192014RedNeckedGrebe2Red Necked Grebe



Mar202014KingfisherFlying2Above two images are of a Belted Kingfisher female, unlike most birds species the female is more colorful than the male.

Mar202014RedNeckedGrebeWithMallardPairRed Necked Grebe to the right. Mallard pair to the left. The Red Necked Grebe is about Wood Duck size, which is large for a grebe.

Mar202014PurpleMartinFlyingPurple Martin searching for mosquitoes I hope. A welcome sight back at the lake.

Mar202014TuftedTitmouseTufted Titmouse. I like the buds coming on in the photo.

Mar202014WoodDuckPairAndMallardMaleMale Mallard to the right with Wood Duck Pair to the left. The Wood Ducks are a little smaller than the mallards.

Mar202014WoodDuckPairSwimAtMeAll I can say are Wood Ducks are beautiful. The brilliant color of the male eye catching.

Mar202014WoodDuckPairSwimmingA great way to start spring next to a lake.

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4 Responses to First Day Of Spring At Long Run Park

  1. Mary S. says:

    Grampy, A tho’t comes to mind: If the Red Necked Grebes usually have a range “far to the north” and are in Kentucky, what does that say about the weather up north? Will it never get warmer up north? The first day of spring, and we have had snow; others farther north of us have had worse. Odd year this. MCS
    P.S. Your pix, as usual, are great.

    • Grampy says:

      Mary S,
      Thank You for the compliment. Yes it must have been an extreme cold year up north. Odd year but does not seem as odd as the warm winter two years ago.

  2. Those wood ducks really are beautiful and I’ve heard that they are real had to get photos of. That’s great that you saw the grebe. It always makes my heart pound when I see something I’ve never seen before.

    • Grampy says:

      New Hampshire Gardener,
      I have had some luck getting close to Wood Ducks but it requires a ton of patience in letting them come to me. Many times they do not come my way as I thought. It is exciting to see a new species. That is when I have to focus first on calming myself.

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