Photo’s That Stimulate

Mar182014BaldEaglePerchedInFrontOfFlag2This morning it is raining again. Unable to gather together thoughts to write a post about photo’s that stimulate, I decided to post a few old ones that stimulate me. Beginning with one that is a composite above I put together yesterday.

Calf Touch Mothers Nose.






















Apr282013DoveLove5That is a bakers dozen enough for a post on a rainy day……….

Well, Maybe one more a composite of a recent eagle pic I added wispy clouds..


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4 Responses to Photo’s That Stimulate

  1. Mary S. says:

    Grampy, Pix that catch my attention (in no particular order and may miss some): the cow with her calf and whatever communication is going on there, mother looks like she’s an experienced mother (but what do I know about cows! not *one* thing); the female bird feeding the male (Is that what it might be? another guess); the cardinals (which always remind me of my husband; he liked them); the girls feeding the kid and the concentration and communication among the girls and the little goat; the mother goat checking to make sure the kid is being treated right by the girls who somehow seem able to partake in the communications between humans and animals–and the mother’s trusting the girls with their babies.
    Yes, a composite of beauty on a gloomy day (here too). Thank you. MCS

    • Grampy says:

      Mary S,
      Yes, I would say an experienced cow. They are all adult birds feeding young. The fourth picture down is a Red Headed woodpecker feeding its chick, even though the chick is as large as the adult. The same happens with eagles the eaglets usually weight more than the adults prior to leaving the nest. Sometimes the adult eagles will withhold food so the chick can get light enough to fly I have read. The girls are our nieces who are great with all animals. Glad you enjoyed…..

  2. That shot of the hummingbird is pretty amazing. I like the shot of the cows too and the kids with the kids are cute.

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