To Granddaughters House We Go

Mar172014BlackVultureFlyingBelowGot a call. This old buzzard is headed to Granddaughters House. Thought I would be to tuckered to post in the morning. I guess you could call this post the early bird special.








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4 Responses to To Granddaughters House We Go

  1. Mary S. says:

    Grampy, Safe trip with all the “named storms” (silly naming the storms, I agree)–and the unnamed ones. You and your wife enjoy your granddaughter to the fullest, to say nothing of your child, who is no “child” any more. MCS

    • Grampy says:

      Mary S,
      We made it fine, got in a little past midnight. Granddaughter running a little fever. Spring cold I spose’. She is still a happy girl a little sluggish is all. She is a joy to be around. Thank You for the good wishes. It was great to see our daughter as well……..

  2. Great shots as usual. I love the shots of the heron especially. Have fun with the granddaughter!

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