American Pelicans Below Barkley Dam

Jan062014BaldEagleAdultAndJuvenileLiftingOffThe Bald Eagles lifted off in sync seconds before a wave of heavy rain hit. I liked this shot as it shows an adult and a juvenile. The difference in wing width and length is interesting also.

Jan062014AmericanPelicanInWavesIt is only a five minute drive from the tailwaters of Kentucky Dam to the tailwaters of Barkley Dam. In many ways this area I live in is a nature photographers dream. To my surprise there were four American Pelicans in the tailwaters of Barkley Dam. We are starting to have a small local population of the pelicans on the lakes.

Jan062014AmericanPelicanChaseSeagullIn this shot a gull had just caught and eaten a small shad. The pelicans rush over to try and grab the shad whenever they see a gull diving into the water. I have learned to watch for gulls diving near pelicans and get ready for take off and flying shots as the pelicans rush to try and make a steal.

Jan062014AmericanPelicanTurningToLandThe American Pelicans are such large birds and the contrast of white and black trimmings are stunning to look at. Shortly after this shot the rains came again and I headed for home. It turned out our winter storm warnings were off. We only received rain and a dusting of snow. The forecasts were accurate on the temperatures as it is four degrees and windy this morning.

Jan062014 With A ForkStuck inside like a knot on a shoe with the rain falling all day. This was my shot for the daily photo challenge. The subject was “With A Fork”. I recalled how when our kids were small I often had to get knots out of shoelaces and a fork was the perfect tool for the job.

Jan062014MulesWith time on my hands I went back through the photos we took on our recent trip to Barren River Lake. I take so many photos on trips I don’t do them justice on my one go through at choosing the best. Often I miss a few good ones. The two mules in the photo above where together in a pasture. I thought the unique contrast in color of the two made it worth putting them together and framing.

Jan062014SandhillCranesOverheadI liked this shot of Sandhill Cranes flying overhead. The birds are huge and I cherish the times we have been fortunate enough to watch them.

Jan062014SandhillCranesLandingWhen large birds like the pelicans and sandhills bow up and glide down it is poetry in motion to my eyes. Well it is after sunrise time and we have decent light out. Better bundle up and head outdoors.


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4 Responses to American Pelicans Below Barkley Dam

  1. Nice shots. It looks like that lone pelican was in some choppy water. I like the two mules. It looks like it would make a good political ad-no matter which one you vote for, you get an ass.

    • Grampy says:

      New Hampshire Gardener,
      The wind was so strong from the north it had the river white capping upstream. That is funny and so true about politicians.

  2. Montucky says:

    Great shots! I love the mules!

    I know what you mean about bringing back so many photos that it’s hard to choose the best.

    • Grampy says:

      It would be neat to have that pair of mules in the pasture to watch every day. I can go through and pick from about 300. When I take more than that I always miss a lot of good ones because my mind what little of it I have is used up.

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